(now evolved into Cambridge Primary Insight)

A flexible assessment that helps you monitor and support the progress of children aged 5 to 11

Helping EAL learners
make rapid progress

Are your students not making the progress you’d expect? Progress is an individual thing, and working with EAL learners presents a unique and complex set of challenges when it comes to identifying, understanding and supporting their learning needs.

Differentiating between delayed second language and reading difficulties can be a particular challenge for teachers working with EAL students. We know that problems with reading comprehension is a common challenge for EAL students, and that without appropriate support it can have an impact on all areas of their schoolwork.

If you would like to confidently assess the starting point of each of your EAL students, understand where they need support to make good progress, and introduce effective interventions and strategies to help them achieve their full potential,
let us introduce InCAS.