Schools Advisory Board

The CEM Advisory Board was established in 2000 to allow stakeholders a role in CEM development. Board members are drawn from schools, colleges and other organisations that use CEM’s monitoring systems. Most members are chosen by election, with the remainder co-opted to help ensure that the Board represents a cross-section of stakeholders and we meet twice a year. These meetings are an opportunity for Board members to ask questions of CEM’s senior management, to help make sure the Centre is abreast of current educational issues, and to give advice about future developments.

The Advisory Board also sends a representative to sit on the CEM Oversight Group meetings held at Durham University, giving the Advisory Board a voice in the governance of the Centre.

The current membership of the CEM Advisory Board is listed below:

Vice Chairs

Richard Harwood International

Board Members

Peter Billington Local Authority
Gina Drummond Secondary Maintained
Peter Finlayson Local Authority
Hilary French Independent
Kevin Gilmartin Post-16
Julie Goodhart Independent
Rebecca Jellis Primary Maintained
Judith Lennox Primary Maintained
Mark Mackley Primary Maintained
Sandy Mathewson Independent
Michael McDonagh Secondary Maintained
Thomas McPhail Local Authority
Jan McLucas Learning Plus UK
Peter Russell Secondary Maintained
Ian Sanderson Independent
Susan Shoveller Primary Maintained
John Weitzel Independent

Research Advisory Board

The Research Advisory Board was established in 2013 to offer advice on the methodology underpinning CEM’s monitoring systems, assessments and research. This group of leading international academics has significant educational and psychological evaluation expertise and will meet annually.

List of members:

Professor David Andrich

Chapple Chair in Education, The University of Western Australia

Katharine Bailey

Director of Applied Research, CEM, Durham University, UK

Dr Jens Beckman

Reader, School of Education, Durham University, UK

Professor Robert Coe

Director of CEM and Professor of Education, School of Education, Durham University, UK

Professor Andreas Demetriou

Professor and President, University of Nicosia Research Foundation, University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Professor Joe Elliott

Principal, Collingwood College and Professor of Education, School of Education, Durham University, UK

Professor John Hattie

Director, Melbourne Education Research Institute, Australia

Professor Steve Higgins

Professor of Education and Director of Research, School of Education, Durham University, UK

Dr Adetayo Kasim

Statistician, Wolfson Research Institute, Durham University, UK

Professor Eckhard Kleime

Director of the Department of Educational Quality and Evaluation, DIPF (German Institute for International Educational Research), Germany

Professor Paul Leseman

Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) in Europe, Utrecht Univerity

Dr Christine Merrell

Director of Research & Development, CEM, and Reader, School of Education, Durham University, UK

Professor Paul Newton

Ofqual, London, UK

Ricardo Primi

Universidade São Francisco, São Paulo

Professor Wolfgang Schneider

Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Wurtzburg, Germany

Professor Maggie Snowling

President, St. John's College, Oxford University, UK

Professor Carole Torgerson

Professor of Education, School of Education, Durham University, UK

Professor Peter Tymms

Director of iPIPS, CEM, and Professor of Education, School of Education, Durham University, UK

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