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Global Schools Package

When students join your school you need to quickly and accurately establish what they know and can do so you can make decisions about how to meet their learning needs. For international schools where the educational experience of intakes can vary significantly, assessing the starting point of each student is often a challenging and time consuming task.

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Our unique Global Schools Package is designed to help you get to know your students quickly, giving you objective and contextual information about their ability and underlying potential.

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A quick, engaging assessment with no teacher marking and immediate results

Students aged 11 and 14 take a computer based assessment which is completed in under an hour, and can be used with students as soon as they join your school from 1st June until 31st December. The assessment is adaptive, meaning each student sees a unique assessment and is challenged at a level that is suitable for them. There’s no teacher marking involved and student scores are available immediately.

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Example Reports and Questions
Powerful information to help you support your students

The assessment results give you a wealth of student and school insight, and information is reported in a way that is quick and easy to understand – minimising the time needed to get to grips with your data. Reports include baseline, progress and value-added measures and can be accessed securely online.

Information included in the Global Schools Package reports can:

Cohort strengths and weaknesses
Cohort strengths and weaknesses

Highlight student and cohort strengths and weaknesses so you can get ahead with planning at the start of the school year

Understand needs with realistic targets
Understand needs with realistic targets

Help you understand student needs, so you can set realistic targets and have informed discussions about student placement with parents

Comparative ability in context
Comparative ability in context

Give you unique insight into the context you’re working in – showing you the ability of your new intake and how that compares to similar schools in the country, in the same membership organisations and following the same curricula

Teaching Impact
Teaching Impact

Show you the impact your teaching and learning has, comparing average student progress against the progress made in similar international schools

A unique opportunity for international schools

The Global Schools Package offers a unique opportunity for you to see how your student and school performance compares to that of other similar schools. As well as saving valuable time and resource, at just £9.10 per student the Global Schools Package represents fantastic value for money.

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