Key CEM PD Skills Individual Courses

Get the most from your assessments by transforming your data to insights with our individual professional development courses. These courses provide teachers, middle leaders, and senior leaders with the key skills to make effective teaching decisions and implement evidence-driven development plans.

Develop your skills in:

  • effective decision-making
  • using data to promote effective learning across the school
  • disseminating assessment data insights to other departments
  • setting priorities for school development
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Courses for middle and senior leaders

Our professional development courses provide middle and senior leaders with:

  • a data-led picture of their schools’ educational outcomes over time including benchmarking against schools with similar characteristics
  • the knowledge and best practices to report on outcomes and development to other senior leaders, government bodies, or local authorities
  • the ability to understand and draw conclusions from CEM assessment data at the class-level, group-level, and school-level and developing strategies for implementing actionable change where needed

Check out some of the latest courses for middle and senior leaders:

CEM Data Insights for Middle Leaders (with Academic Focus)

Key outcomes:

  • Be able to explore options for setting academic targets for students, monitoring their development, and reporting to staff and parents
  • Be able to develop techniques for evaluating departmental performance via value-added data

21 March 2023

CEM Data Insights for Senior Leaders – Secondary

Key outcomes:

  • A better understanding of how CEM reports can inform organisation-wide decisions to aid in strategic planning.
  • How to evaluate which departments or groups are performing well and how to disseminate that insight to other departments.

18 April 2023

Courses for teachers

Our professional development courses provide teachers with:

  • the opportunity to develop evidence-based development plans for their students
  • the skills to report on development to parents
  • the ability to run reports at the student and class level to inform development plans
  • the skills to identify actionable insights based on CEM data and reports

Check out some of the latest courses for teachers:

InCAS Data in the Classroom

Key outcomes:

  • An understanding of how InCAS is carried out and what the results look like
  • An understanding of how to sort the data and how to interpret it
  • An understanding of how to use the data to refer pupils for further assessment

28 March 2023

CEM Data in the Classroom - Secondary

Key outcomes:

  • A more in-depth knowledge of CEM data and how it can be used to promote teaching and learning in the classroom and across the department
  • How to look for trends in the data to guide teaching and improve outcomes for students

25 April 2023

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Wherever you’re based in the world, whether you’re a state, independent or international school, our Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring assessments help thousands of teachers help students realise their true potential.

“The secondary courses on sharing data with parents and data insights for senior leaders were very useful for those of us managing data in schools. Real examples helped in outlining how data can best serve all stakeholders, parents, staff, and students.”
Daniel Carr
Director of Studies, St Francis' College, UK