InCAS customers migrating to

Cambridge Primary Insight

InCAS has evolved into Cambridge Primary Insight, and we are now preparing to migrate all InCAS users to the new assessment platform in time for the 2024-25 assessment period.

This is information for you and your school of what the plans are for this, and the support available.

Why do I need to migrate to the new platform?

Cambridge CEM is retiring InCAS, at the end of your current assessment window and moving all InCAS customers to the new platform and the new primary assessment, Cambridge Primary Insight.

Cambridge CEM is committed to a programme of continuous improvement of our products and services. We have developed a completely new delivery platform that will be used for all of our digital assessments, making it easier, more connected and more powerful for our users all over the world. For this reason, a transition between old and new products is necessary, but we plan for it to be a painless and positive experience for our valued customers.

What will it cost?

As a valued existing customer, we will set you up with a Plus package (£14.50 per student) for the price of your existing InCAS subscription with the annual inflation-based price increase (£14.10 per student) in your first year using Cambridge Primary Insight. If you would rather move to the Core package (£9.50 per student), just let us know before your contract renewal on 1 May.

You can compare the different packages here.

Each following year, you will have the opportunity to change your package as part of your annual renewal.

When will this happen?

You will be able to access Cambridge Primary Insight from the start of your next assessment window. We will provide you with instructions on how to do this nearer the time. There will be support available at every step of the way to ensure you are all set to go in time for your planned assessment date.

What is changing?

We have preserved the integrity and reliability of twenty years of world-class research and insight, while implementing a customer-led range of new features and benefits which make Cambridge Primary Insight even more intuitive, meaningful and powerful.

Responding to your needs

I want to see a more modern and intuitive design.

We created an improved assessment administration and interface, providing an intuitive experience requiring no specialist knowledge or prior experience to get the best out of your assessments.

The reports can be complex, with the data sometimes difficult to interpret and present.

We have developed interactive reports that enable you to filter and present insights in powerful ways, quickly and easily.

Accessing and navigating the reports can be time consuming and confusing.

We have improved access, organisation and navigation of reports, saving you time in focusing on meaningful insights. 

Once we have the insight, we are not sure what to do with it.

Teacher guidance included in individual reports – giving you instant insight to support the best next steps for every learner.

Some of the content and language in InCAS is not relevant or suitable for EAL students.

We have audited the assessment for cultural relevancy and sensitivity. We are continually improving content for students with English as an additional language.

We want a simple, powerful way to share insights with parents.

We have created a Parent/Guardian Report, designed to illustrate the key findings of the assessment and aid conversations about individual learning.


Will I have access to my historical InCAS reports?

Yes. You will have access to historical InCAS reports.

We understand that for many schools, longitudinal data is a key benefit of InCAS. The student data from InCAS required to produce Individual Progress Reports will be combined with your student data in CPI so that you can continue to see the progress of your current students.

Is there still an attitudes assessment?

Although Attitudes is not part of the Cambridge Primary Insight assessment in the same way it was with InCAS, you will still be able to assess the attitudes of your students. We will be releasing a new and improved Attitudes assessment, which has been developed using the original InCAS Attitudes module.

You can expect to hear more about this soon, but current InCAS customers will be given access to that assessment free of charge for the next academic year.

How do I migrate?

We will be in touch nearer the time with instructions on how to access the new Cambridge Primary Insight assessment platform.

If you have any issues or questions in the meantime we are here to help.

Can I still deliver the assessment offline?


There will be no option to download and deliver the CPI assessment offline.

Will I get training in the new assessment and platform?

Yes. We run continuous training and onboarding webinars. You can just sign up for one when you are ready to start the assessment process. There is also information available in our online help centre.

Help Centre - https://help.cem.org/hc/en-gb

Training webinars - https://www.cem.org/training

What if I don’t want to migrate to CPI?

There is no option to continue using the InCAS assessment beyond your current assessment window.

You are of course able to decline to auto-renew your primary assessment contract with Cambridge CEM.

We would be sad to lose you, and if there are specific issues that have caused the decision not to migrate please get in touch with our friendly customer support team.

To cancel your subscription please complete the withdrawal form.