Primary Insight for ages 5-11

Unlock the potential in your classroom

Cambridge Primary Insight – the next generation of InCAS – provides unique insight into every child’s ability.

We have preserved the integrity and reliability of twenty years of research and insight, while implementing a range of new features and benefits which make Cambridge Primary Insight even more intuitive, meaningful and powerful.

Age: 5-11 years (Scotland P2-P7)
Avg Duration: 20 minutes per module (five modules)
Assessment: Baseline, Adaptive, Explorative, Digital
Modules: Reading, Spelling, Mathematics, Arithmetic and Developed Ability
Price: Costs

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Is your school based in Scotland?

To access a Scottish version of our primary assessment before the end of your current academic year please contact us before registering for Cambridge Primary Insight

How can Cambridge Primary Insight improve outcomes for your school

Join one of our upcoming webinars to find out more about how the new Cambridge Primary Insight can help see children’s strengths and weaknesses, reveal their hidden talents, and spot where they need help.

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What is Cambridge Primary Insight?

Cambridge Primary Insight is the next generation in primary assessment from Cambridge CEM, empowering teachers to build a strong foundation and unlock their students’ potential.

Cambridge Primary Insight is here to:

  • Benchmark what your students’ levels of ability are when you start working with them.
  • Highlight any hidden talent or undiscovered strengths.
  • Suggest where additional support is needed.
  • Give you the opportunity to tailor your teaching, using personalised reports.
  • Offer an objective measurement that helps you compare/track children’s progress and prepare them for long-term success.

What does Cambridge Primary Insight assess?

Students are assessed in these five key developmental areas which research shows are linked to later academic outcomes:

  • Reading (word recognition, decoding, and comprehension)
  • Spelling
  • Mathematics (includes numbers, measures, shape and space, and data handling)
  • Arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)
  • Developed Ability (picture vocabulary and non-verbal reasoning)

Adaptive Assessment

Unlock potential by giving students a personalised, and rewarding experience. The adaptive programming tailors the questions to each individual’s ability.


Saves Time

Fast-forward that ‘getting to know you’ time, so you can quickly get to grips with what your students do and don’t know and focus on what they need to flourish. No paperwork or marking required.


Flexible and Fun

Assess once at any time during the year. The five short modules are fun and interactive.



Each student completes the assessment independently, so it can be carried out with multiple students during one or more normal lessons.


Instant Insight

See it all, from the big picture down to the finest detail. Get actionable insights that super-charge your teaching.


Measure Potential

Objective, research-based measurements of key success factors for learning. Data that helps you compare and track student progress.

What's new with Cambridge Primary Insight?

You asked, we acted. Here’s what’s new:

  • improved overall user experience including
    • improved assessment administration and interface, providing an intuitive experience requiring no specialist knowledge or prior experience
    • improved access, organisation and navigation of reports, saving teachers time in focusing on meaningful insights
    • interactive reports that enable teachers to filter and present insights in powerful ways, quickly and easily
  • Interpretation Guidance generates personalised score interpretation for individuals. This feature saves time and effort for busy teachers, and provides objective, evidence-based statements about the student’s performance in comparison to other learners of the same age. Perfect for starting conversations with parents, for using in individual learning plans, and as a benchmark for measuring progress.
  • improved content for students with English as an additional language
  • resources to support a more meaningful assessment journey for students – prepare them, support them and improve engagement
  • a new individual parent report

...and more

"We use InCAS (now evolved into Cambridge Primary Insight) data to inform planning, set aspirational targets and give parents a picture of how their children are performing amongst a large, diverse cohort, rather than just amongst a class or year group."

Kirsten O' Connor, Former Head of Primary, The British School in Tokyo


Ready to get started with Cambridge Primary Insight?

Choose from two subscription options:

Reports vary, depending on which option you choose. Our friendly team will be happy to help you decide which option is right for your school.

Cambridge Primary Insight Core

  • Assessment
  • Core Reporting
  • - Summary of Scores (modules only)
  • - Individual Student Report (modules only)
  • Core onboarding and training

£9.50 per pupil

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Cambridge Primary Insight Plus

  • Assessment
  • Extended pupil and class/cohort reporting
  • - Summary of Scores (modules and sections)
  • - Individual Student Report (modules and sections)
  • - Year Group Overview
  • Progress measure reporting
    (available when you have 2 or more years of data)
  • - Individual Progress
  • - Performance Snapshot
  • Parent reporting
  • Guidance for teaching and learning
  • Core onboarding and training

£14.50 per pupil

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If you are an existing InCAS customer, it is time to arrange your migration to Cambridge Primary Insight.