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"We have found CEM’s data to help us develop informed teaching and learning interventions before the start of each Cambridge course. This has led to better results in Cambridge exams."

Jackline Aming’a, Head of School,
Oshwal Academy Mombasa, Kenya

Monitor the progress of students aged 5-14 with diagnostic assessments

High quality assessment is the foundation for learning that helps every student flourish.

Cambridge CEM’s baseline assessments support sequenced learning across all stages of the Cambridge Pathway and help teachers take their students along the route to educational success.

Confidently assess your students and create a personalised teaching and learning strategy in the Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Lower Secondary years:

  • Understand your students’ potential
  • Establish a clear path forward
  • Measure your impact

Cambridge CEM assessments help you:


supports learning to create a strong foundation in the core elements of Reading and Mathematics across the Cambridge Primary years... See more


provides powerful information to support students’ progress, set targets and inform teaching and learning in the Cambridge Lower Secondary years... See more

Why do Cambridge International schools choose Cambridge CEM?

Open Quote

...We use CEM assessments not only to assess new arrivals but also measure their progress throughout the academic year…CEM assessments complement and strengthen the Cambridge Pathway as it has an assessment for every grade.

Rukaiya Salman, Head of School, The Cedar School, Pakistan Close Quote

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