MidYIS for ages 11-14

(Secondary school assessment)

Discover students' aptitudes, potential and progress

Age: 11-14 years
Avg Duration: 50 minutes
Assessment: Adaptive, Baseline, Curriculum independent, Digital
Sections: Vocabulary, Mathematics, Non-verbal and Skills
Predicts to: GCSE and IGCSE
Price: Costs

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Assessments to empower schools

What started off as a personal small-scale research project in 1982 has developed into a whole series of assessments for schools across the world. We help you to uncover students’ baseline abilities, understand their capabilities and unlock their full potential. CEM assessments are used by education professionals in 109 countries, and over 481,000 students will be taking a CEM assessment this academic year.

Why do schools choose MidYIS?

  • Challenge each student at an appropriate level aligned to their ability with an adaptive assessment.
  • Set motivational and realistic targets for students with predictive data and Chances Graphs which indicate likely future performance at GCSE and IGCSE.
  • MidYIS value-added reports provide evidence for senior leadership to use for self-evaluation and inspections, and to understand progress across the whole school to drive improvement.

"We use baseline assessments as a gage of potential for our
students when they first come to us in year 7. "

Niall O'Connor, Deputy Head, Academic, Barnard Castle School, UK

MidYIS has the best standardisation of any baseline and cognitive abilities assessment provider

MidYIS is standardised using over 650,000 student assessments from over 9,500 school cohorts from a period of six academic years. Using data over a longer period means we can follow long-term trends to get a more accurate standardisation but avoid short term fluctuations.

Assessment Provider


Cambridge CEM

MidYIS: over 650,000 student assessments from over 9,500 school cohorts

GL Assessment

CAT4 1: 25,000 students

NGRT 2: 11,700 students

Hodder Education

PUMA and PiRA 3: over 3,500 students

Alps Education

No data available

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Adaptive, personalised and tailored assessment. Efficient - fits into a standard lesson, no teacher marking is required, and results are available to download within 48 hours.

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Identify students' starting points, strengths and weaknesses. Review indicators of potential future GCSE and IGCSE exam performance with predictive data.

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Plan appropriate support and inform early interventions. Raise aspirations and set realistic yet motivational targets for students as they progress through secondary school with predictive data.

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Support your professional judgement with reliable data insights, and inform conversations with students and parents. Monitor student and cohort progress.

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Examine student outcomes. Understand progress across the whole school with value-added data. Identify areas for school improvement and share best practice.

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"The MidYIS data is used to establish a really good understanding of a cohort and make decisions about what is needed to move them forward. The data means that teachers understand students’ needs right from the start..."

Sdaqat Jabeen, Head of Secondary, Doha Academy

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