In our collection of case studies, schools share their experiences of using CEM assessments and data to improve teaching and learning.

Latest Case Study:

MidYIS: Mackie Academy

Mackie Academy is a non-denominational secondary school that serves the young people of Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire. With a large catchment area, there are currently 1165 students enrolled and the S1 intake is between 200-300 pupils each year.

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Matthew Case Study
Matthew’s school uses Yellis to measure the performance, potential and attitudes of students.
Ruby - Yellis
Ruby is an energetic, imaginative and articulate GCSE student. Find out how her school uses Yellis to identify and support more able students.
Alis, Giving students a better chance
Despite achieving good GCSE results, Lucy found studying for her exams challenging. Find out how Lucy’s 6th Form College uses Alis to see where students preparing for A Level exams may need extra support.
CEM IBE for International Excellence
CEM assessments are used by schools in over 70 countries. Find out how international schools use CEM assessments to support their IB Diploma students and ensure they remain on track to achieve their full potential.
Sue Holt
Sue Holt has introduced CEM assessments in every international school she has worked in over the last 30 years. Find out how schools use CEM data to support staff, students and school improvement.
International Case Study - Ecolint
The International School of Geneva want to identify individual student needs, monitor their progress and have a tangible impact in the classroom. Find out how they use InCAS, MidYIS, Yellis and Alis to help them.
International Case Study - Rio
The British School, Rio de Janeiro, use CEM data to provide predictive grades for IGCSE and IB Diploma examinations, and to validate our internal assessments of student ability. Find out how they use CEM data to identify learners who are under-achieving.
Aspects Case Study - Reuben
Reuben’s nursery uses the Aspects assessment to lay crucial cornerstones for wellbeing, development and future academic success.
Emily - BASE
Reception is a crucial year in which pupils make rapid progress. See how BASE supports Emily as she starts school.
Snarestone Case Study
Staff at Snarestone Primary School need a consistent, unbiased baseline assessment that is simple to administer. Find out why they choose BASE.
Cotherstone Case Study
BASE helps teachers at Cotherstone Primary School see the spread of ability in their reception intake so they can focus support and resources effectively.
Ark Case Study
Ark schools recognise that assessment plays a crucial role in helping teachers monitor children’s progress. Find out how they use the BASE on-entry baseline assessment.
Ark 2 Case Study
Ark schools recognise that assessment plays a crucial role in helping teachers monitor children’s progress. Find out how they use the BASE on-entry baseline assessment.
InCAS Case Study, Sam
Sam has special educational needs. Find out how his school uses InCAS to personalise his learning and support his progress.
InCAS Case Study, Talha
Find out how schools help EAL learners make good progress across all areas of the curriculum.
InCAS Case Study, Callum
12 year old Callum has reached the crucial transition from P7 to S1. Find out how his school uses AfE InCAS to help track and support his progress.
Using InCAS to improve reading
Lily’s school uses CEM’s InCAS assessment in each year to provide a unique profile for each pupil and to measure the progress they make.
St George Case Study
St George International School want to give parents objective feedback about student ability and potential. Find out how InCAS helps.
St Pauls - InCAS
InCAS gives teachers at St Paul’s School in Brazil really specific information about pupils, helping them target learning much more effectively.
Michael Faraday
Find out how InCAS helps teachers at Michael Faraday School identify individual pupil needs and make sure children stay on track.
British School Tokyo
The British School in Toyko uses InCAS data to inform planning, set aspirational targets, and give parents a picture of how their children are performing.
CEM Select - Sam
A fair test for selective schools
Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School Case Study
The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School (Habs) have used CEM assessments, including MidYIS and Alis, for the last 20 years. Director of Studies, Kirti Shah, explains how they make the most of their CEM assessment data.
Joe Case Study
Joe is finding the new academic demands of Secondary school challenging. Find out how MidYIS is used to support him.
Megan Case Study
Megan’s records from primary school were patchy and her new teachers were initially uncertain about what level she was working at. Find out how MidYIS is used to support her.
Hymers College Case Study
MidYIS is used at Hymers College to help staff identify and understand pupil learning needs, and to ease the transition between Year 6 and Year 7.
Mackie Academy Case Study
Mackie Academy is a non-denominational secondary school that serves the young people of Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire.
Elizabeth College Case Study
Elizabeth College provides a challenging and stimulating academic and extra-curricular programme for children from two through to 18 years of age.

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