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MidYIS - Introduction


MidYIS continues to go from strength to strength as more schools opt for our easy to use, statistically robust tests and benefit from our quality feedback, excellent service and development to meet your needs. MidYIS is now also linked to INSIGHT and INSIGHT Core, our curriculum and ability based assessments at the end of Year 9.

The MidYIS Tests form a key part of CEM's portfolio which has an established reputation for delivering baseline tests and value added measures for over 25 years to over 3000 secondary schools and colleges.

MidYIS, the Middle Years Information System, provides new and innovative baseline tests widely used in the UK and overseas. Feedback includes predictions and chances graphs to external examinations and a full value-added reporting system.

Our established tests are available in our innovative computer-based format which adapts with each question to suit the ability of the pupil taking the test, or in traditional paper-based format. Baseline tests are available for Years 7, 8 and Year 9. Online attitudinal questionnaires are also available to gather the views of pupils and parents.

The clear presentation of results, timely, accurate data, dedicated staff and continuous development of the project to meet teachers' needs contribute to the ongoing success of the MidYIS Project.

Why choose MidYIS?

Brief Description

The MidYIS Tests are primarily designed to be taken when your pupils enter secondary school. Tests are available in two formats, paper-based or computer-adaptive and are available for Year 7, 8 or 9. All tests are designed to fit into a lesson period (about 1 hour) and are strictly administered to ensure that all pupils are exposed to the same instructions, explanations and examples, ensuring fair, high quality, reliable data.

The tests are designed to measure, as far as possible, ability and aptitude for learning rather than achievement. MidYIS is not an IQ Test as it is designed to provide a measure of ‘typical’ performance so that teachers can judge how much ‘effort’ will be required to take pupils to external examinations.

The tests are comprised of Vocabulary, Maths, Non-verbal and Skills sections. All sections contribute to an overall measure of ability that strongly predicts subsequent achievement. Test results can be used to identify pupils’ strengths and weaknesses, inform teaching and learning, identify gifted pupils and help identify pupils with special educational needs. Non-verbal measures are particularly important for pupils for whom English is an additional language. Accommodated tests and instructions are available for visually impaired and hearing impaired pupils.

Value-added feedback is provided at the pupil, subject, and school level for any pupil who subsequently takes INSIGHT or INSIGHT Core / KS3 Teacher Assessments and/or (I)GCSE examinations.

Further information about the Baseline assessments and the principles of value-added, can be found below.

Baseline assessments


Value-added principles


INSIGHT - Pupil profiling


INSIGHT Core curriculum based assessments


Note: CEM does not recommend using this monitoring system for the purposes of selecting students for entry to school.

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