ASPECTS for ages 3-4

(Early Years assessment)

Supporting understanding of early learning

Age: 3-4 years
Avg Duration: 20 minutes
Assessment: Adaptive, Baseline, Digital
Sections: Language Development, Early Numeracy, Communication, Motor Development
Price: Costs

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3 Year old with teacher at laptop using Aspects

Assessments to empower schools

What started off as a personal small-scale research project in 1982 has developed into a whole series of assessments for schools across the world. We help you to uncover students’ baseline abilities, understand their capabilities and unlock their full potential. CEM assessments are used by education professionals in 109 countries, and over 481,000 students will be taking a CEM assessment this academic year.

What is ASPECTS?

Developed to complement your own observations of early learning, ASPECTS provides objective and independent information that helps you to identify learning needs and development.

More than just a test

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Fun and engaging storybook-style approach designed to give children valuable one-to-one time with their teacher. Flexible teacher-led assessment that can be stopped or started at any time.

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Quickly identify students' abilities. Discover hidden strengths. Compare development with children of a similar age.

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Use the feedback reports to help you tailor your teaching and plan exciting and challenging play opportunities to spur on their learning.

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Target resources effectively. Support observations and professional judgement with reliable data.

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Monitor progress of each child and cohort with an end-of-year follow-up assessment. Understand the progress made from the very start of pre-school to the end.

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Access support and guidance from your personal secure site.

"Early years is the game changer."

Lydia Cuddy-Gibbs, Head of Early Years, Ark Schools

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