Computer-Adaptive Assessments

What computer-adaptive assessing means for you:

CEM’s computer-adaptive assessments are an ideal method of assessing each child as an individual and can avoid some of the shortcomings of traditional means.

By beginning assessments with reasonably easy questions and then using the child's responses to decide whether to progress to more challenging questions or to back off to easier ones, the assessment automatically tailors to a child's ability.

Each individual is challenged at a level which is appropriate to them, resulting in an experience which is also motivating and enjoyable.

There are no scripts to mark so teachers can access feedback quickly. This personalised assessment of each child gives a full profile of their strengths and areas to focus upon, which can be used to inform teaching and learning.

Advanced assessment:

  • Personalised assessment
  • Age-appropriate questions
  • Independent analysis of a child's learning
  • More engaging and enjoyable for children
  • Reduced risk of plagiarism

Fits with your schedule:

  • No teacher marking
  • Feedback is quicker – more timely information
  • Can be administered with groups of children or with individuals