The Cambridge Personal Styles Questionnaire (CPSQ)

A student-led assessment

Measure what matters for educational success.

Age: 14-19 years
Avg Duration: 30 minutes
Assessment: Digital, Online

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What is CPSQ?

The Cambridge Personal Styles Questionnaire is a non-cognitive assessment that provides instant insight into students’ attitudes and behaviours – their personal styles. These are the personal characteristics and attributes that have been found to have an impact on educational success.

CPSQ can help schools apply a holistic approach to education. By understanding your students’ behaviours and the different aspects to their characters, you can implement targeted support to nurture personal development, encourage ownership of their learning, and support them on the way to academic success.

Why use CPSQ?


See a more holistic picture of your students, with additional context to their academic performance.


Identify where students’ strengths lie and where they could benefit from additional support.


Inform teaching and frame conversations with students about their learning.


Establish or develop a fully-informed and effective mentoring programme that is tailored to each individual’s style.


Get instant results – with no marking – on a new, easy-to-use digital platform.

“CPSQ is very useful as a starting point to open up conversations. It is accurate at identifying students’ weak points. It targets mentoring and helps make programmes efficient by saving time. It enables resources to be tweaked and personalised to student needs.”

Lee Pickering, Associate Senior Leadership Team and Head of History, Passmores Academy, UK

Why choose CPSQ?

CPSQ allows you to understand and empower the student behaviour that supports educational success.

It helps you to:

  • Understand hidden barriers to achievement
  • Focus and tailor student support and mentoring programmes
  • Motivate student interest in personal development
  • Approach conversations with a shared language
  • Apply a holistic approach to education

Want to find out more about how CPSQ can measure what
matters in your school?

Built on research

Extensive studies into understanding how our personality traits impact and influence the way people learn have identified five key areas. Developed by experts in Cambridge, CPSQ uses this research-proven five factor personality model to reveal students’ attitudes and approaches to their learning, as well as where they could do with support.


intellectual curiosity, critical and creative thinking. The building blocks for critical thinking and problem solving.


motivation to achieve and self-management. The skills that support academic success and independent learning.


resilience and adaptability to demands. The vital skills that students need to tackle any challenges in life.


social confidence and communication style. The foundation for establishing and maintaining relationships.


working with others. The valued skills for sharing and developing ideas that will support work in and outside of academics.

How does it work?

CPSQ is a simple, student-led assessment that takes around 30 minutes to complete. There is one easy-to-use central portal where you can invite, manage, and monitor the progress of your students.

Students answer a series of multiple-choice questions, and the feedback reports are instant. The assessment is totally flexible – it works on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices – and can be taken at home or at school so it’s easy to integrate into your busy schedule. Free from any paperwork or marking, you’ll have instant access to individual and group reports for analysis, lesson planning and setting up your mentoring programme.

You’ll also have access to full support and guidance on how to use and interpret the results to find out how you can best support your students.

Understand the attitudes and behaviours that help your students thrive. Get started with CPSQ.




  • Online questionnaire
  • Central management portal
  • Instant reporting
  • - Individual feedback
  • - Group view
  • Full onboarding and training

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