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The right tools to evaluate, explore, teach and promote student wellbeing

The links between wellbeing and student achievement, relationships, behaviour and satisfaction are becoming increasingly clear in schools. Here, we’re re-sharing an article written by Kate Bailey, Managing Director of Cambridge CEM, originally posted on Cambridge Partnership in Education blog, in which she explains some of the key issues around wellbeing in schools and how The Cambridge Wellbeing Check helps give teachers a clear picture of student wellbeing.

Schools and education systems are judged on their students’ academic achievement. But, for learners to thrive, those academic successes also need to be balanced with the wellbeing of teachers, staff and, of course, the children themselves.

There is growing evidence of the links between wellbeing and learning. Students with high levels of wellbeing feel they are enjoying their education, getting the most out of it, and reaching their potential. They are more motivated and engaged.

But how do we ensure this is the case, that children in our schools benefit from good mental wellbeing?

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