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Adapting formative assessment to support second-language learners

By David Richards, Senior Leader, Vinschool Central Park, Vietnam

In international schools, teachers and educators face an additional challenge when preparing students for high-stake examinations. The majority of students are second-language learners (SLLs), and so are learning a language in conjunction with subject content.

Assessment in English

By Zoe Enser

Assessment is one of the most important things we do in the classroom. It is part...

Reception Baseline Assessment

By Dr Pat Preedy

In the 1990s, I was invited to be part of the Centre for Evaluation and...

Barriers to making data-based decisions in education

By Suzanne Crocker, Product Manager, Cambridge International

As human beings we make thousands...

­­­Guide to assessment in the first term

The beginning of a school year is always the busiest. There’s so much to consider and do and...

Data Quality at CEM

Each year CEM processes the results for hundreds of thousands of students participating in our...

A broader perspective on data

By Jonathan Allday, Independent Consultant

Schools are complicated, multi-faceted and evolving...

Establishing a Healthy Data Culture

By Sarah Turner, Education Manager, Cambridge Assessment

Anyone that has worked in a school will...

Get Creative with Online Teaching and Assessments

By Mary George, IGCSE and IB Educator, Consultant in International Education

Using formative assessment to support student resilience

By Natasha Arain, CEM Assessment Lead, Cambridge Assessment, and Mark Frazer, Teaching and...