Yellis for ages 14-16

(Secondary school assessment)

Understand the support your students need as they prepare for their GCSE and IGCSE

Age: 14-16 years
Avg Duration: 50 minutes
Assessment: Adaptive, Digital, Baseline assessment
Sections: Vocabulary, Mathematics, Non-verbal
Predicts to: GCSE and IGCSE
Price: Costs

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Secondary school students using Yellis on laptops

Assessments to empower schools

Yellis stands for Year Eleven Indicator System. It is an adaptive baseline assessment which empowers schools to unlock the full potential of students. Specific to Key Stage 4, Yellis helps you gauge an objective perspective of students’ strengths and weaknesses and see how they are likely to perform at GCSE and IGCSE.

Why do schools choose Yellis?

  • Baseline data including standardised scores, pupil record sheets and cohort attainment profiles
  • Predictions reveal how each student is likely to perform at GCSE and IGCSE
  • Value-added reports highlight your school’s value-adding resources which impact student achievement.

What skills does Yellis assess?

Vocabulary example screenshot

Vocabulary: Word fluency and understanding

Mathematics example screenshot

Mathematics: Logical thinking, manipulating numbers and numerical concepts

Non-verbal ability example screenshot

Non-verbal Ability: Ability to match patterns, reflections and rotations and applying visual intuition

About the assessment

Adaptive: This is what makes us unique. Watch the video above or read our blog to find out why adaptive testing is important.

Student-focus: Help students succeed along their educational journey. Yellis reports include a detailed analysis of individual strengths and weaknesses to help structure a course of action for the academic year.

Quick: Yellis is simple to set-up and run. Results are available for download within 48 hours.

Research-based: Our specialised researchers have developed CEM’s question bank, making it possible to assess students throughout all phases of their education.

Predictions: Yellis forms an objective judgement which highlights the likelihood of achieving each grade at GCSE and IGCSE. We believe this is a holistic alternative to point-predictions. Watch our video to find out more.

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Objective Analysis

Yellis forms an independent baseline of performance, using standardised scores.

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Revealing Hidden Talent

The test reveals outliers of excellence, as well as any dips in performance which would require attentive support.

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Once results are in, teachers can accommodate for learning needs, and plan the academic year accordingly.

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The assessment data can support teachers’ judgement when discussing progress with individual students.

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Value-added data is a transformational tool, helping senior leaders evaluate which practices are most impactful.

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Yellis has the best standardisation of any baseline and cognitive abilities assessment provider

Yellis is standardised using over 650,000 student assessments from over 9,500 school cohorts from a period of six academic years. Using data over a longer period means we can follow long-term trends to get a more accurate standardisation but avoid short term fluctuations.

Assessment Provider


Cambridge CEM

Yellis: over 650,000 student assessments from over 9,500 school cohorts

GL Assessment

CAT4 1: 25,000 students

NGRT 2: 11,700 students

Hodder Education

PUMA and PiRA 3: over 3,500 students

Alps Education

No data available

"We find CEM data incredibly valuable and the increased speed in receiving our value-added reports has enabled us to distribute this data to departments at the time when they need it most."

Sue Gordon, Senior Curriculum Assistant, Bootham Hall School

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