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(Year 11 Information System) is a value-added monitoring system that provides a wide range of performance indicators and attitudinal measures for students in the last two years of compulsory schooling (i.e. aged 14-16)*. It is part of the family of information systems offered by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) at Durham University and is one of the most comprehensive monitoring systems in use today.

The Yellis Baseline Test, which has been in use since 1992, is currently used in nearly 1000 schools. The results from this baseline test are reported to you together with detailed KS4, GCSE or Standard Grade predictions for each student. Later in the cycle we provide schools with their value-added analysis - a fair comparison of the progress made by your students with that made by all other students participating in the Yellis project.

The Yellis Attitudinal Questionnaire, which generally takes students less than 45 minutes to complete, covers many areas including attitudes to school, particular lessons and homework, quality of school life, feeling of fear in school, home background and support for education from parents/guardians, career plans and aspirations for the future. Feedback from the Yellis questionnaire takes the form of a set of Attitudinal Comparison Graphs that illustrate how the responses of your students to the Attitudinal Questionnaire differ when compared to all Yellis students in the same cohort.

The Yellis Baseline Test is available to be taken as a traditional paper test or as an online/computer-based (LAN) test. The Yellis Attitudinal Questionnaires are available to be taken as an online/computer-based (LAN) test only.

*Years 10 and 11 in England and Wales, Years 11 and 12 in Northern Ireland.

Note: CEM does not recommend using this monitoring system for the purposes of selecting students for entry to school.

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