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CEM - The Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring, part of the Cambridge family

Accurately measuring a child’s potential and progress is an invaluable tool in understanding and responding to their individual educational needs.

Used by education professionals for over 30 years in over 90 countries, CEM is one of the largest and longest established providers of formative assessments for children of all ages, from early years to post 16. CEM’s methods are research-based, evidence driven and market-tested, built on a foundation of non-commercial academic practice.

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Services that support the improvement of educational outcomes

  • Baseline assessments that support educational tracking – giving you measures of an individual's potential and progress through school.
  • Diagnostic assessments that help inform teachers where interventions may be helpful to improve pupil outcomes.
  • Entrance assessments that help identify the young people that meet the selection criteria for your school intake.

Mission Statement

Inspired by teachers | Informed by evidence

We believe in evidence and we know that excellent teachers use evidence to transform learning for all.

  • We help teachers turn data into knowledge
  • We bridge the gap between research and practice
  • We provide evidence to support good decision-making

We achieve this through a connected platform that provides user-friendly tools, guidance and support for educators.