Professor Carol Taylor Fitz-Gibbon Archive


Professor Carol Taylor Fitz-Gibbon was a visionary leader, an inspiring teacher and a gifted academic. She led CEM until her retirement in 2003, using her knowledge of economics and education to pioneer the use of data for monitoring school effectiveness. Her contribution to education was far-reaching and although it will not ever be wholly captured, many of her published and un-published work is collected here.

If you have documents that are not included here we would welcome further contributions.

A Comparison of Examination Boards: A-Levels

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.; Tymms, P.B.
CTF002, 1991, Report
Keywords: Examination Boards, A-Levels

A Levels; Corrective Comparisons

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF039, 1991, News Article
Keywords: A Level

A-Level results in Comprehensive Schools: The COMBSE Project Year 1

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF035, 1985, Book Chapter
Keywords: A-Level, COMBSE

ALIS in Blunderland

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF007, 1992, Journal Article
Keywords: Performance Indicators, A-Levels

ALIS – Comparisons without Malice

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.; Elsom, D.
CTF031, 1991, Article
Keywords: A Levels

An up-and-running indicator system

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF037, 1990, Book Chapter
Keywords: Indicator System

Analysing Examination Results

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF003, 1990, Report
Keywords: Examination Results, Performance Indicators, A-Levels

BERA Dialogue: Performance Indicators

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF005, 1990, Journal Article
Keywords: Performance Indicators

Candidates Performance in Public Examinations in Mathematics and Science

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.; Vincent, L.
CTF006, 1994, Report
Keywords: Value-added, A-Levels

Characteristics of Students taking Advanced GNVQs

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.; Wright, M.W.
CTF009, 1995, Report
Keywords: ALIS, A-Levels

Cross-Age Peer Tutoring in Science

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.; Sanderson, P.; Carrington, B.
CTF010, 1992, Report
Keywords: Peer-tutoring

Empower and Monitor: The Em Algorithm for the Creation of Effective Schools

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF011, 1990, Report
Keywords: Algorithm, Effective Schools

Empower and Monitor: the EM Algorithm for the creation of effective schools

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF038, 1990, Book Chapter

Evaluation of School Performance in Public Examinations

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF012, Report
Keywords: Performance Indicators, Public Examinations

Evaluation, Monitoring and School Improvement

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF013, 1993, Report
Keywords: TVEI Evaluations, Performance Indicators

Indicator Systems for School and Teacher Evaluation: Fire-fighting it is!

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF014, 1994, Report
Keywords: Monitoring, Indicators, Complexity, Evaluation

Indicators in the U.S. and the U.K.

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF015, 1990, Report
Keywords: Performance Indicators

Integrated Learning Systems: An Analysis Using Data from Monitoring Systems

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.; Defty, N.; Hulme, J.
CTF016, 1997, Report
Keywords: ILS, Monitoring Systems

Judgements must be credible and Fair

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF017, 1996, News Article
Keywords: Inspection Standards

Long Term Consequences of Curriculum Choices with particular reference to mathematics and science

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF018, 1996, Report
Keywords: League Tables, Mathematics, Science, School Effectiveness, Curriculum

Mental Cruelty and Inadequate Methodology

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF019, 1995, News Article
Keywords: Educational Standards, Ofsted

Merging Traditions: The Future of Research on School Effectiveness and School Improvement, Article Title: Monitoring School Effectiveness: Simplicity and Complexity

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.; Gray, J.; Reynolds, D.; Jesson, D.
CTF020, 1996, Book Chapter
Keywords: School Effectiveness

Meta-Analysis: An Explication

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF021, 1984, Report

Monitoring with Feedback: The Democratisation of Data

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF022, 1993, Report
Keywords: Evaluate Schools

Multi-Level Modelling in an indicator system

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF033, 1991, Report
Keywords: Multilevel modelling, Indicator System

Official Indicator Systems in the U.K.: Examinations and Inspections

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF023, Book Chapter
Keywords: Examinations, Inspections

Our A Levels set the Standard

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF024, 1995, News Article
Keywords: A-Levels, Monitoring

Peer Tutoring Projects: Social Education Improves Achievement

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF028, Booklet
Keywords: Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring as a teaching strategy

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF036, 1988, Book Chapter
Keywords: Peer-tutoring

Peer Tutoring: A Possible Method for Multi-Ethnic Education

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF026, 1983, Book Chapter
Keywords: Peer tutoring

Peer Tutoring: Brightening up FL Teaching in an Urban Comprehensive School

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.; Reay, D.G.
CTF027, 1982, Article
Keywords: Peer Tutoring

Peer and Cross Age Tutoring

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF025, 1992, Book Chapter
Keywords: Peer and Cross–Age Tutoring, Performance measurement

Performance Indicators and Information Systems

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.; Tymms, P.B.; Hazelwood, R.D.
CTF029, 1989, Report
Keywords: Performance Indicators, Information Systems

Performance Indicators and the TVEI Pilot

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.; Tymms, P.B.; Hazelwood, R.D.; McCabe, J.J.C.
CTF030, 1988, Report
Keywords: Performance Indicators, TVEI Report

Performance Indicators, Value Added and Quality Assurance

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF008, Book Chapter
Keywords: Performance Indicators, A-Levels, Monitoring Systems

Quality Assurance systems in Education

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.; Tymms, P.B.
CTF034, 1993, Report
Keywords: Quality Assurance, A Levels

Reporting Value Added measures using statistical process control charts

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.; Trower, P.
CTF040, Report
Keywords: Value added

Schools Effects at A-Level: Genesis of an information system?

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF041, 1992, Book Chapter
Keywords: Information System, A level

Students at the front: Using performance indicators for professional development

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.; Tymms, P.B.
CTF042, 1995, Book Chapter
Keywords: Performance indicators

Success and failure in peer tutoring experiments

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF043, 1990, Book Chapter
Keywords: Peer Tutoring

The Design of Indicator Systems, the role of education in Universities, and the role of inspectors/advisers: A discussion and a case study

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF032, Report
Keywords: Indicator Systems, Structure of Education Service

The Value Added National Project

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF050, 1996, Article
Keywords: Value Added

The effect of a national initiative on exam results day

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.; Tymms, P.B.; Hazelwood, R.D.
CTF044, 1990, Book Chapter
Keywords: Exam results, TVEI

The identification of mentally gifted, ‘disadvantage’ students at the eighth grade level

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF045, 1974, Report
Keywords: Mentally gifted

The implications of meta-analysis for educational research

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF046, 1985, Book Chapter
Keywords: Meta-analysis

The lack of the impact of information: performance indicators for A-Levels

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.; Williamson, J.
CTF047, 1990, News article
Keywords: Performance Indicators

The relationship of homework to A-level results

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.; Tymms, P.B.
CTF048, 1992, Book Chapter
Keywords: ALIS, A Levels

The stability of school effectiveness indicators

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF049, 1990, Report
Keywords: ALIS, A Levels

Using performance indicators: Educational considerations

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF051, 1989, Article
Keywords: Performance Indicators

‘Are Standards in Mathematics Declining’ (Notes for the British Association Debate)

Fitz-Gibbon, C. T.
CTF004, 1995, Report
Keywords: Standards, A-Level