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Previous Webinars

Using data to drive school improvement strategies

Sue Holt and Teresa Okrasinska

  • Driving curriculum design
  • Teaching and learning
  • Evaluation
  • Creating the school development plan

Using Predictive Data and Standardised Testing in Tracking and Monitoring

Jonathan Allday and Kate McKim

  • The role and limitations of predictive data - predictive grades vs Chances Graphs
  • From baseline test to public examination outcome
  • Reporting on progress
  • Evaluating benchmark tests and standardising test results
  • Creating a culture to encourage progress

Getting the most from your InCAS data

Sue Holt and John Bunyan

  • What InCAS is, how the assessments are carried out and what the feedback looks like
  • Using InCAS to get a profile of each child so that learning can be individualised
  • Using InCAS as a screener for gifted, EAL and learners with special educational needs
  • Her own experiences of embedding the use of InCAS data in school

The importance of assessment in the early years

Kate Bailey and Lydia Cuddy-Gibbs

  • The importance of the first year in school from a research perspective and practitioner perspective
  • What makes an effective reception class
  • How schools and policy-makers can support young children during this phase of their development
  • Why assessment is important in the early years

Can predictive data raise aspirations?

Jonathan Allday

  • Using predictive data in the classroom with pupils and staff
  • Setting and agreeing realistic but aspirational targets with pupils
  • What predictive data across a range of subjects informs you about a pupil

Converting your school's data doubters

Jonathan Allday

  • The types of data doubters in your school
  • What data is most useful in the classroom and least threatening to staff
  • Using data to generate conversations with pupils
  • Using data as a guide, not a label or ‘set in stone’
  • Embedding data in your school review

Using Data to Identify and Support Coasting Students

Tony Emmerson and Suzanne Crocker

  • Identifying student underperformance
  • Developing a strategy to apply pressure where needed
  • Working on improving performance in partnership with students

The Data Journey – a Year in Data

Kate Bailey and Emma Buckby

  • What do we mean by data?
  • Using data throughout the school year to improve student outcomes
  • Barriers to effective data use

Let no student fall behind: Understanding how CEM assessments can aid recovery from COVID-19

Emma Buckby and Kate Bailey

  • As schools return, how do we know where to focus after a period of disruption?
  • How can we understand how to address any gaps in learning?
  • How can you use data to have a real impact on student achievement and aspirations?

DATA: Friend or Foe?

John Bunyan and Suzanne Crocker

  • Where to start with data and data management?
  • Who should have access to data?
  • How can you use data to have a real impact on student achievement and aspirations?
  • How could data transform your school?

Assessing gaps in learning with CEM baseline assessments

Mark Barber, Lavaniya Ganeson, Hamish Farquharson & Robert Paler

Using data in an international context

Tony Emmerson and Suzanne Crocker

  • Using data not based on exam results
  • Applying data to teaching and learning, making it useful for your school
  • How to engage and motivate reluctant colleagues with data

Does predictive data limit ambition or maximise potential?

Sue Holt and Suzanne Crocker

Getting the most from your Yellis and Alis data

Dr Craig Wilson and Suzanne Crocker

Making the most of baseline assessment after a break in classroom-based teaching

Sue Holt and Suzanne Crocker


Evidence Based Education (EBE) is a team of assessment experts who can help you understand how to interpret and use your CEM assessment data to support pupil progress and improve school performance.

Training is available in the UK and internationally, is tailored to your specific needs, and delivered at a time to suit you. For more information, future training dates and online booking, visit the Evidence Based Education website.

As well as regular training workshops Evidence Based Education also offer a range of assessment and data support packages to help you get the most from your CEM data.


The CEM team attend a number of events and exhibitions each year to showcase our school assessments. We have experts on hand at each of these events who can help you with any queries about our assessments and reporting.

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