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Calculate the cost of using Cambridge CEMs adaptive assessments across a multitude of schools within your multi-academy trust.

Please note that these prices are just indicative - for a detailed quote and conversation on using Cambridge CEM's assessments at your trust, please contact a member of our sales team.



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“[CEM assessment] data ensures we can see the cohort differences and schools can learn from other schools, get tips and adjust their curriculum to make it bespoke for their needs. The schools are excited about the possibility of comparing it with KS1 and KS2 because of the standardised element of the feedback. They have been able to show monitoring visit teams, or Ofsted, the objective data and talk through it clearly.”

Ark academy group

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Why choose Cambridge CEM?

Cambridge CEM has worked with schools for over 40 years to develop the most effective and easiest to use assessments to unlock the potential in children. Our tools for analysing our assessments provide evidence-based insight, ensuring your students are receiving the best possible educational outcomes. Our standardisation is based on 600,000 students annually which is a larger and more up to date sample than our competitors. This ensures that our reports are providing the most accurate data on the abilities of your students.

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