Post-16 Baseline Assessments

We know that your students’ potential doesn’t just stop once their GCSEs or IGCSEs are finished. Boost their learning journey even further with our post-16 baseline assessments - ideal for helping students studying their way towards A Levels or an International Baccalaureate.

Post 16 students at laptops


harness the potential for your A Level students

Map their journey to exam success.

The jump from GCSEs to A Levels is a pivotal, important time in many students’ learning journeys. With Alis, get them off to the best start with this easy-to-implement online assessment tool that takes only 50 minutes to complete, but sets your students up for life.

What is Alis?

Ideal for 16-19-year-olds, Alis is designed to let your students' potential flourish at A Level. It is an interactive, student-led assessment that works in two ways. Use it as an analysis of students’ GCSE results to predict how they will perform at A Level, or enhance it with this computer-based assessment aligned to A Level study, giving you an overview of your students’ strengths and stumbling blocks.

The Alis focus areas:

Alis focuses on the skills and areas that make a real difference at this stage in their learning journey, so students can flourish at A Level. It looks at three main areas:

  • Vocabulary – gives a strong indication as to how students will perform across all subject areas, particularly history, English, modern languages, mathematics, and geography
  • Mathematics – scores in this section link well with performance in physics, mathematics, chemistry and information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Non-verbal ability – this aligns well with performance in mathematics, science, geography, and art subjects

The benefits of Alis:

Instant insights

  • Motivate students along their learning journey towards A Levels
  • Set ambitious and realistic goals for improvement
  • Allows open and supportive conversations with students and parents about the work needed to reach the grades they want
  • Save time and gain insight that would take weeks in a classroom to capture

Setting a strong foundation:

  • Improve A Level grades
  • Attract more students with impressive results
  • Optimise A Level performance and boost your school’s reputation

Alis is:



it goes beyond point tracking and box ticking, and really takes in the nuances of every students’ skill set



the assessment takes only 50 minutes to complete and can be easily slotted in around lesson plans



sees how your students are likely to perform at A Level



evolves with your students’ abilities, stretching your bright sparks or helping those who need a boost



no paperwork required. All you need is a computer


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Set your students up for success with IB Diploma

Assessments that empower International Baccalaureate schools.

CEM IBE is an assessment that is ideal for 16 to 19-year-olds - those working towards their IB - and takes around 50 minutes to complete. It is an adaptive, digital baseline assessment that is specifically designed to support the IB Diploma programme.

This assessment is designed with you and your students in mind. It gives you:

  • Powerful insight into your students’ abilities
  • Confidence to set motivational targets
  • Predictions of students’ potential performance in the IB Diploma

What is CEM IBE?

CEM IBE helps schools to set high expectations for their students, but also works with them so they can meet their potential and flourish.

The IBE tests students in an adaptive way, meaning the questions will be appropriate depending on the level of the student. It also helps you compare ability levels between your students, identifying their strengths and barriers to learning that need support.

The benefits of CEM IBE:

Instant insights:

  • Get immediate insights into your students’ abilities and potential
  • Tailor your teaching and learning to suit your students’ needs
  • Set challenging targets and raise expectations (for students and parents)

Long-term gains:

  • Measure the impact of your teaching over time
  • Boost your school’s reputation and optimise IB results
  • Reflect on results and use that to improve your school




evolving with the student’s abilities



sees how your students are likely to perform at IB level


Flexible and fast

taking only 50 minutes to complete and can be implemented around your lesson plans



giving you insight and supports your judgement when discussing progress and performance with students and parents


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Predicting exam results

Unlike qualification exams, CEM’s baseline assessments are taken at the beginning of the year so that teachers can know their students’ starting points, unlock their potential, and prepare them for success. Using baseline assessment data and past examination results, we offer predictions for A Level and the IB in the form of Chances Graphs so teachers and students can see the whole range of possible outcomes.