Quick Guide for Teachers: An introduction to baseline tests

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Understanding student potential and then providing the opportunities for them to fulfil that potential and succeed is the goal of every teacher in every classroom around the world.

We know that educational success can look different from student to student. But ensuring every individual is supported and challenged at the right level can take weeks of lesson time, resourcing and planning.

Baseline assessments from Cambridge taken at the beginning of a year, or as soon as a child enters the school, help teachers understand exactly what a student’s potential is and what their very best could look like.

The Quick Guides for Teachers collection have been curated by the research and development team at Cambridge CEM to share insight on how baseline assessments support a positive and successful learning environment in the classroom.

The first guide is a brief introduction to Cambridge CEM’s adaptive baseline assessments. Our research team outlines:

  • What baseline assessments are
  • How you can use the assessments
  • The Golden Rules for getting the most out of baseline assessments

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