CEM IBE for ages 16-19

(Post-16 assessment)

Set your students up for success in the IB Diploma.

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Quick Look

Age: 16-19 years

Assessment: Adaptive, Digital, Baseline assessment

Sections: Vocabulary, Mathematics, Non-verbal skills

Avg Duration: 50 minutes

Predicts to: IB Diploma

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Assessments to empower International Baccalaureate (IB) World Schools

CEM’s International Baccalaureate Evaluation (IBE) assessment is an adaptive baseline assessment designed with you mind.
It gives you:
  • powerful insight into students’ aptitudes and abilities
  • predictions of potential performance in the IB Diploma exams
  • the confidence to set challenging and motivational targets.
Specifically designed to support the IB Diploma Programme, CEM IBE helps you personalise learning to unlock your students’ potential and prepare them for their very best futures.

Why do IB schools choose CEM IBE?


Understanding potential

Predictions to potential IB Diploma scores

  • Get immediate insight into your students
  • Identify strengths, barriers to learning and areas for support
  • Compare ability levels between students


Establish a clear path forward

Help every student thrive

  • Raise expectations and set challenging targets
  • Tailor your teaching and learning
  • Motivate, encourage and empower students to succeed


A whole school perspective

Measure impact

  • Reflect on results and inform school improvement
  • Measure the impact of your teaching
  • Monitor trends in IB Diploma results over time

Let’s talk about CEM IBE with Fraser Halliwell

“What CEM IBE helps us to do is set high expectations.

[…] Since we’ve used it we’ve seen an increase in our IB Diploma performance.”

Fraser Halliwell, Head of Secondary, Colegio Anglo Colombiano, Colombia


About the assessment

  • Adaptive - A personalised assessment to motivate and challenge students at the right level.
  • Quick and flexible - Simple to set-up and run. Results are available for download within 48 hours with no teacher marking.
  • Objective - A research-based, independent measure of students’ starting ability.
  • Student focussed - Insight that supports your judgement when discussing progress with students and parents.
  • Supports your judgement - Insight that supports your judgement when discussing progress with students and parents.
  • Evaluates school performance - Value-added data is a transformational tool, helping senior leaders evaluate which practices have most impact.

Cambridge CEM assessments for students aged 3-19

Cambridge CEM’s computer-based, adaptive baseline assessments provide an objective view of your students’ strengths and abilities in key areas and a wealth of data that can shape your teaching and unlock their potential.

CEM IBE Pathway-01


“These assessments really help teachers and parents come together on one page. It has helped the teachers to have conversations with the parents to identify any gaps between the potential and the real performance of students”
Vandana Arora
Nahar International School, Mumbai
“CEM data allows us to deepen our understanding of the ways in which assessment data can be used to improve individual student learning”
Dr Karen Taylor
Director of Education, International School of Geneva
"At The British School, we use CEM data to provide predictive or indicative grades for IGCSE and IB Diploma examinations, and to validate our internal assessments of student ability."
John Nixon
Director, The British School, Rio de Janeiro

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