InCAS AfE for ages 5-11

(for Scottish Primary Schools)

Help students build a strong foundation

Age: 5-11 years (Scotland P2-P7)
Avg Duration: 20 minutes per section
Assessment: Digital (web based or download), Adaptive
Sections: Reading, Spelling, Mathematics, Mental Arithmetic, Developed Ability and Attitudes

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Young children taking InCAS assessment on computers

Assessments to empower schools

What started off as a personal small-scale research project in 1982 has developed into a whole series of assessments for schools across the world. We help you to uncover students' baseline abilities, understand their capabilities and unlock their full potential. CEM assessments are used by education professionals in 109 countries, and over 481,000 students will be taking a CEM assessment this academic year.

What does InCAS assess?

Students are assessed in these six key developmental areas which research shows are linked to later academic outcomes:

  • Reading
    word recognition, decoding, and comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Mathematics
    includes counting, arithmetic, fractions, patterns, algebra, measures, shape and space, and data handling
  • Mental Arithmetic
    addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Developed Ability
    picture vocabulary and non-verbal reasoning
  • Attitudes
    students' attitudes to reading, maths, and school

More than just a test

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Adaptive, personalised and tailored assessment. Flexible - assess at any time of year, with classes, groups or individuals. No teacher marking required.

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Quickly identify students' abilities and learning needs. Discover hidden strengths. Compare performance with standardised and age‑equivalent scores.

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Raise expectations and set realistic, challenging targets. Use the formative and diagnostic feedback to tailor your teaching and plan early interventions.

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Target resources effectively. Support professional judgement with reliable data insights. Monitor student and cohort progress.

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Monitor student, class and school progress year-on-year. See the impact of your teaching.

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Access support and guidance from your personal secure site.

"We use InCAS [now evolved into Cambridge Primary Insight] data to inform planning, set aspirational targets and give parents a picture of how their children are performing amongst a large, diverse cohort, rather than just amongst a class or year group."

Kirsten O' Connor, Former Head of Primary, The British School in Tokyo