The Big Evidence Debate – Catch Up

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On Tuesday 4th June 2019 we held the first ever Big Evidence Debate. Leading educational experts Dylan Wiliam and Larry Hedges gave fascinating keynote presentations, and thought leaders and educational practitioners joined them to debate the contribution that meta-analysis and randomised control trials make to understanding what works in education.

The discussions sought to address some of the important challenges and explore what the profession has learned from the use of this evidence.

Contributors debated how evidence is gathered and used, reflecting on how ideas about the use of evidence have evolved over time, and discussed what this all means for the future of quality evidence-informed practice in the education community.

Watch the presentations and panel discussions

Youtube links

Youtube - DYLAN WILIAM - Why meta-analysis is really hard to do well in education (With CC)
Youtube - LARRY HEDGES - Meta-analysis and Evidence Based Policy (With CC)
Youtube - Panel - Is meta-analysis the best we can do? (With CC)
Youtube - Panel - Where is the value in meta-analysis in education? (CC in progress)
Youtube - Panel - ‘Don’t do meta-analysis’, or ‘Do it more carefully’? (CC in progress)
Youtube - Plenary (CC in progress)



Presentation Slides

View Dylan Wiliam’s presentation slides here

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Systematic reviews and meta-analyses – what’s all the fuss? By Megan Dixon
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The Big Evidence Debate: Introducing the 50% rule By Lee Elliot-Major
Is meta-analysis the best we can do? By Professor Steve Higgins
Meta-analysis: Don’t do it or Do it more carefully? By Philippa Cordingley
Is meta-analysis all just ‘an exercise in mega-silliness’? By Stuart Kime
The Big Evidence Debate By Rob Coe