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Taking action to use reliable and stable data has never been more important than now.


A new challenge

Schools, teachers, students and parents are now facing the challenge to overcome the interruptions to learning caused by Covid-19. But good judgement is dependent on good data.

CEM assessments can help you:

  • Get an objective view of your students' strengths and abilities in key areas
  • Set ambitious and realistic goals for your students
  • Quickly access stable and reliable data
  • Understand performance trends over time
  • Target resources and guide curriculum and instruction

Want to know how CEM data can help in your school?


Baseline data

Map what your students know
  • Identify students' starting point
  • Diagnose gaps in learning
  • Shape your teaching to meet your students' learning needs
  • Information at pupil, class, subject, school level


Predictive data

Set targets and plan next steps
  • Indicators to grades at GCSE, IGCSE, A Level and IB Diploma
  • Set challenging targets
  • Plan your interventions to help students improve on areas of weakness
  • Support students' progress with confidence


Longitudinal data

Monitor trends over time
  • Monitor cohort performance over time
  • Identify trends over time
  • Compare the performance of previous years
  • Target resources effectively


Value-added data

Review progress and share best practice
  • Evaluate student outcomes
  • Value-added reports on results day
  • Measure the impact of your teaching
  • Share best practice and identify areas for school improvement

... the single thread running through my entire experience has been CEM assessments. I have introduced CEM in all of my schools and it has been a vital tool with so many benefits, from setting standards and realising expectations, to helping me support the students, staff and measure school performance"

Sue Holt, former international school senior leader

Why CEM?

Part of Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment, CEM assessments accurately measure a child’s potential and progress; an invaluable tool in understanding and responding to their individual educational needs.

Used by education professionals for over 30 years in over 90 countries, CEM is one of the largest and longest established providers of formative assessments for children of all ages, from early years to post 16.

CEM’s methods are research-based, evidence driven and market-tested, built on a foundation of non-commercial academic practice.

Find out more about how CEM assessments can give you quick, stable and reliable data to help you improve the outcomes for all of your students.

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