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CAG/TAG Adjustment options in reports

Putting calculated grades in context

How have Centre Assessed and Teacher Assessed Grades affected your CEM predictions?

Our CAG/TAG Adjustment option in the new Individual Student Subject Chances report helps you compare your students’ GCSE predictions against a choice of results from 3 different years - 2019, 2020, 2021.

A projected adjustment for 2022 helps you understand likely performance for upcoming exams.

CEM’s new CAG/TAG Adjustment helps you:

  • Understand likely performance in 2022 and beyond.
  • Compare predicted GCSE grades with past years’ results.
  • Adjust the predictions for your students.
  • Be confident in your target setting for every student in each subject.

Log into your Secondary+ site or book a meeting to preview how the CAG/TAG Adjustments will look for your school.

Example student subject chances report


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EAL Guidance:

Help your second language learners make rapid progress

CEM’s new ‘Quick Guide to using CEM data with EAL students’ is a practical guide that gives you actionable insight and helps you shape your students’ potential. Understand how you can use CEM assessments to:

  • Support individuals and groups of EAL students at lower-secondary level
  • Build a profile of learners’ abilities
  • Develop tailored support strategies
  • Maximise your students’ potential.

You can find your ‘Quick Guide to using CEM data with EAL students’ in each assessment section of our new Help Centre, which is accessible via your secure site login.

School Comparison reports:

See your school’s true potential

Explore our interactive School Comparison reports and understand how your school compares to others.

Easy-to-understand visuals helps school leaders to identify and create goals that will boost long-term performance improvements and reputation, show the success of admissions processes, and make sure you recruit the student profiles that best fit your school.

  • The Scores Comparison chart gives you unique insight and compares the average student ability level in your school to that in a wider group of similar schools in the UK, around the world, in specific countries, associations or examinations - all based on other schools using CEM assessments.
  • The School Performance Comparison chart is an excellent tool to demonstrate quickly to staff the profile of students coming into the school and how this differs from other sectors.

Find your new School Comparison reports by logging into your Secondary+ site.

Example school comparison report on laptop


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Professional development:

Make the most of your CEM data

CEM’s new range of training and support services for schools helps you make the most of your CEM data to support staff and improve student achievement.

CEM will be offering face-to-face and online support, delivered by educators who have real-life experience of using CEM data in practice. The training is timed and tailored to meet your needs and helps you:

  • Understand how CEM data can be used to improve students’ academic achievement.
  • Secure the skills and confidence to make data-based decisions.
  • Embed a positive data culture and support whole school improvement.
  • Support decisions around resourcing, planning and lessons.

Book a meeting with us to find out more.


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School Groups reporting:

Identify exceptional performance in your schools

The School Group report facilitates good practice amongst schools within the group, as well as identifying where schools might find targeted interventions beneficial. The report helps Executive Leaders of MATs or school groups that operate at regional, national or international level to:

  • Understand the overall group performance and set clear goals
  • Assess the impact of the group’s school improvement activities
  • Support long-term reputation building
  • Ensure improved standards across the group.

As part of the University of Cambridge, the report has been co-developed with long-term users of CEM assessments and is based on valid, rigorous, academic research.

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