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Introducing Teaching and Learning Guidance for Cambridge Primary Insight

We know how much schools value our data, and the insights that baseline assessments from Cambridge provide into a student’s skills and abilities. But we also know it can be challenging for busy teachers to interpret the results of an individual student in a wider context, without expending considerable time and effort.

In order to support schools and teachers to get the most out of our baseline assessments, we have developed a new feature for Cambridge Primary Insight – Teaching and Learning Guidance.

Instant Interpretation

The first phase of this exciting new development is Interpretation Guidance. Later, we will be releasing Guidance for Next Steps – giving suggestions for teaching and learning activities based on a child's performance, designed to empower them to make a difference for each student.

Interpretation Guidance is available now on individual student reports, for Cambridge Primary Insight Plus users. The system automatically provides clear, instantaneous and personalised interpretation of results for that student, in each of the five modules of the assessment:

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Mathematics
  • Arithmetic
  • Developed Ability

Interpretation Guidance saves time and effort for busy teachers, and provides objective, evidence-based statements about the student’s performance in comparison to other learners of the same age. Perfect for starting conversations with parents, for using in individual learning plans, and as a benchmark for measuring progress.

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New International Brochure

Empowering teachers to make a difference

Download, read and share our brand new brochure for international schools. You'll be able to discover:

  • An overview of baseline assessments
  • An introduction to all of Cambridge CEM's assessments
  • How we support the Cambridge Pathway

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Introducing Cambridge Primary Insight

Cambridge Primary Insight is the next generation of InCAS and the newest primary-age assessment from Cambridge CEM. Empower your teachers to build a strong foundation and unlock their students’ potential.

Cambridge Primary Insight is here to:

  • Benchmark what your students’ levels of ability are when you start working with them.
  • Highlight any hidden talent or undiscovered strengths.
  • Suggest where additional support is needed.
  • Give you the opportunity to tailor your teaching, using personalised reports.
  • Offer an objective measurement that helps you compare/track children’s progress and prepare them for long-term success.

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Parental report

Supporting your conversations with parents

Available for all students who have taken our MidYIS and Yellis assessments, our new parental report is designed to provide parents with a clear view of:

  • What is a CEM assessment
  • How their child has performed in the assessment
  • Supporting examples and guidance

With easy-to-understand examples of the questions asked in the assessment, parents can gain a better understanding of how their child has performed and see the areas where they need support.

Log into your Secondary+ site to preview the Parental report for your students.

The Cambridge Wellbeing Check

Are your students in the best position to flourish?

The Cambridge Wellbeing Check is designed to help you help your students feel good and do better through their learning journey from 7 to 18 years old. Based on published research by the University of Cambridge, this 22 question, online, student-led assessment, only takes 20 minutes to administer and helps you understand how students feel in your school to give you real, actionable insight and instantly show you who needs support. Choose the Cambridge Wellbeing Check to:

  • See a more holistic picture of your students
  • Evaluate their wellbeing throughout the year
  • Compare students at an individual, class, year-group and whole-school level
  • Teach your students about wellbeing and practically explore what it means
  • Inform teaching and frame conversations with your students, so you can have a positive impact on their wellbeing

The results are instant, with no marking, on our new, easy-to-use digital platform, the Cambridge Wellbeing Check focuses on four areas of wellbeing, covering feelings and functioning.

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Simplified Pricing

making it easier to budget for your baseline assessments

We’ve introduced a new pricing model that makes it easier to see the cost of incorporating baseline assessments into your student development plans.

Our cohort fees have been replaced by product fees and we’ve broadened our student number tiers, ensuring that smaller schools or those with fewer resources are better able to use CEM assessments to advance the academic future of their students.

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