CEM’s Customer Charter


At the heart of our customer charter is our commitment to the improvement of teaching and learning for children and young people across the world. We strive to get it right first time, every time, and we believe that our customers have the right to know what level of service they can expect from us at all times.

Whenever we are contacted* we will:

  • do our best to be helpful
  • be polite and courteous
  • be consistent and professional, treating our customers with respect
  • be receptive to customer feedback, through customer surveys, focus groups, feedback, consultations and complaint handling**

Within standard working days (Monday – Friday) and standard working hours 8.30am – 5.00pm (9am - 5pm for Entrance Assessment support), UK time, we aim to:

  • answer at least 80% of telephone enquiries within 20 seconds
  • deal with queries upon initial contact wherever possible
  • respond to routine customer queries within 48 working hours
  • thoroughly investigate any complaints or concerns raised and provide appropriate responses within 10 working days, keeping customers informed if any investigation takes longer than expected

Underpinning our aims to provide a fully customer focused service, we are committed to making continuous improvements by following the Customer Service Excellence® standard, which covers five distinct areas:

Customer Insight

  • This involves us effectively consulting our customers in a meaningful way and efficiently measuring the outcomes of our service, actively engaging our customers to help us improve.

The Culture of the Organisation

  • CEM strives to be a truly customer-focused culture, with a commitment to customer service throughout the organisation, from the strategic leader to the customer service staff.

Information and Access

  • We aim to provide accurate and comprehensive information with a focus on effective and efficient communication.


  • We value our customers’ comments, feedback and suggestions for improvement, and we use this information to help us make vital adjustments to the way our organisation runs and our products develop.

Timeliness and Quality of Service

  • CEM knows that the promptness of initial contact and keeping to agreed timescales is crucial to customer satisfaction. 


* our main email and telephone contact details are displayed on the CONTACT US list.

** complaint handling is via the COMMENTS, CONCERNS, COMPLAINTS & COMPLIMENTS facility. All complaints submitted by this route will receive an instant acknowledgement.