Cambridge Wellbeing Check wins Teach Secondary award

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The Cambridge Wellbeing Check, Cambridge CEM’s assessment that provides unprecedented insight into how students feel and where they need support, has been awarded a Highly Commended prize by the Teach Secondary Awards 2023.

‘This is most certainly a need and something schools find essential,’ said Ed Carlin, judge for the Teach Secondary Awards assessment category and an Assistant Head Teacher of Achievement and Learning.

The Cambridge Wellbeing Check is a simple, student-led assessment for 7-18-year-olds that has been designed to complement and enhance the work schools are already doing related to wellbeing and pastoral care.

Teachers are provided with reports that show students’ wellbeing over time and supporting lesson plans that provide tailored guidance on delivering wellbeing or pastoral care lessons.

Founded on research conducted by the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Education, the Cambridge Wellbeing Check measures students across four areas of wellbeing: interpersonal wellbeing, life satisfaction, competence wellbeing and negative emotions.

‘It’s really important that schools are able to understand and improve the wellbeing of their students. If you can measure wellbeing, then you have much richer information about your students and can target support, and that's exactly what the Cambridge Wellbeing Check enables schools to do. We’ve worked hard to ensure there’s a strong foundation of research behind the assessment, so it’s exciting that it’s been Highly Commended by the Teach Secondary Awards,’ said Dr Irenka Suto, Head of Assessment and Research at Cambridge CEM.


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