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In the ever-evolving educational landscape, it is crucial for teachers and school leaders to have access to reliable and efficient tools that support student learning and inform their instructional strategies.

Education has changed since we first developed InCAS in 2002. Teachers are now facing different demands. They are confronting different pressures and have different questions to ask the data we give them.

And so, in response to customer feedback we have created the next generation in primary assessment from Cambridge CEM, that will continue to empower teachers to build a strong foundation and unlock their students’ potential.

Cambridge Primary Insight has replaced InCAS as Cambridge CEM’s primary age baseline assessment.

So what’s changed?

Cambridge Primary Insight still gives you the same high-quality assessment you expect from InCAS, but you will see new benefits, on a new platform, with expanded reporting capabilities.

You will still be able to assess the same core concepts and get the same robust evidence. Crucially, you will get the insight you need in a way that works better for you.

You said: “I want to see a more modern and intuitive design.”

We did: We’ve created an improved administration interface, giving you an intuitive experience. You don’t need specialist knowledge or prior experience to get the best out of your assessments.

You said: “Accessing and navigating the reports can be time consuming and confusing.”

We did: We have made it easier and saved you time when you to access your reports, as well as improving the organisation and navigation of reports. You now get those valuable insights about your students without the extra work. 

You said: “The reports can be complex, with the data sometimes difficult to interpret and present.”

We did: On our new assessment platform, we have developed interactive reports that enable you to filter information, get helpful tips about what the data means and present insights in powerful ways, quickly and easily. 

You said: “Access to the platform is limited to one administrator.”

We did: We’re adding multiple-user administration access, making it easier to collaborate and share the assessment and reports with colleagues.

Essentially, with Cambridge Primary Insight, you have the integrity and reliability of twenty years of research and insight, combined with a range of new features and benefits which makes the data you get even more intuitive, meaningful and powerful.

You can fast-forward that ‘getting to know you’ time, so you can quickly understand what your students already know and can do, helping you to focus on what they need to flourish. No paperwork or marking required.

More time saving, less time wasting

We know that it’s important to reallocate teacher time from administration tasks to activities that directly support student learning. Cambridge Primary Insight saves you more time and frees you up to get moving on delivering an education that lasts a lifetime.

You said: “Some of the content and language in InCAS is not relevant or suitable for English as an Additional Language (EAL) students.”

We did: We have reviewed the assessment questions and content for cultural relevancy and sensitivity and improved the content for students with EAL.

You said: “We want a simple, powerful way to share insights with parents.”

We did: We have created a NEW, clear, easy-to-understand report for parents or guardians, which gives a graphical profile and simple summary of how their child is doing.

You said: “Once we have the insight, we are not sure what to do with it.”

We did: Working with colleagues across Cambridge University Press & Assessment, we are creating NEW teacher guidance included in individual and group reports. This will give you instant insight to support the best next steps for every learner.

Using Cambridge Primary Insight as part of your regular monitoring, including teacher observation, marking class work and homework, will empower you to really make a difference in the classroom.

As each child develops and moves up through primary school, you can track their strengths, progress and set challenges for improvement to ensure that they learn as effectively as possible and maximise their potential.

And isn’t that what it’s all about?

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