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Guess the Misconception

When I am lucky enough to talk to a group of maths teachers, whether it is in my school or one I...

What is PISA telling us, and what can teachers do about it?

By Mark Frazer, Teaching and Learning Lead, CEM

Since the publication of the results from the...

Practical science in schools

By Kirsty Younger

The Practical Work in Science study is nearing the end of its final year of...

Practical work in science – CEM wants to hear from you

By Kirsty Younger

CEM wants to hear from you on practical work in science.

How much difference does going to school make?

By Professor Christine Merrell, CEM Director of Research Development.

The contribution of...

Investigating Mathematical Attainment and Progress (IMAP)

by Dr Lee Copping

Low attainment is acknowledged to be one of the most serious problems in...

Education systems can only be accountable for what they can influence

Professor Peter Tymms, Director of iPIPS, CEM and School of Education, Durham University


NEON 2016

Enabling wider access to Higher Education by Laura da Costa

In June of this year, a team of CEM...

Maths Anxiety

Do you avoid maths at all costs?

How do you feel when working out your change, splitting a bill...

Understanding what works in oral reading assessments

by Professors Christine Merrell and Peter Tymms

Last week saw the publication of the new online...