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What form does the assessment take?

Following the baseline assessment described above, all the later PIPS assessments are presented to children as a series of quizzes, each taking between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. They are computer-delivered but are also available in traditional paper format.

The computer-adaptive version is provided on CD. It may be installed on a network or used on stand-alone machines. The quizzes are delivered via a child friendly multimedia interface. Each assessment adapts to the level at which a child is working to provide content of appropriate difficulty. In effect each child is presented with a bespoke standardised assessment according to their individual needs. Having completed the assessments the results are returned to us for processing via our secure website.

In paper format each child is given a booklet to complete under guidance by the teacher. Full administration instructions are provided. Having completed the assessments they are returned to us by courier for processing. There is no marking for teachers to do.

What is assessed?



Reading is assessed using a combination of tasks such as word recognition, word decoding and comprehension.



The mathematics quiz provides an age-appropriate curriculum-based assessment covering number & algebra, shape & space, measures and handling data.

Picture Vocabulary

Picture Vocab

Picture vocabulary provides a quick and reliable assessment of English language development. This has been shown to be an excellent curriculum-free predictor of academic attainment.

Non-verbal Ability

Non Verbal

Non-verbal ability provides a second curriculum-free predictor of academic attainment. It is assessed using a pattern recognition task.



Attitudes to mathematics, reading and school are assessed. The child is given a statement such as “work in maths is easy for me”, and then selects a point on a scale to show how much they agree with the statement.

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