BASE Packages

Buy BASE reception baseline assessment

To purchase the BASE reception baseline assessment, you need to create a School Admin Account on CEM Secure. Only one School Admin Account can exist per school.

You can create an Individual Account on CEM Secure, which can be linked to a School Admin Account to allow access to feedback or reporting at a later stage. You cannot purchase or access the assessment through the Individual Account.


BASE Packages

Features   BASEline BASE
Inspection Ready
Assessment Baseline (start of year) assessment – Maths, Literacy and Communication Tick Tick Tick
  Progress Measure (end of year) assessment – Maths, Literacy and Communication   Tick Tick
Personal, Social and Emotional Development (start and end of year)   Tick Tick
Reporting Table of Scores (inc. scaled score for DfE reporting) Tick Tick Tick
StarAvailable for up to 5 pupils Question-Level Report Tick Tick Tick
Pupil report Star Tick Tick
Class report Star Tick Tick
Parent Report Star Star Tick
Individual Pupil Report Star Star Tick
Interactive School Comparison Report Star Star Tick
Interactive Inspection Ready Reporto Star Star Tick
Support Online, Email and Telephone Support (08.30 – 17.00 UK Time) Tick Tick Tick
o Based on the 3-stage EYFS Framework in England, and the 5-stage CEM scale.


For more information on BASE packages and pricing please see our Prices and subscriptions page.