BASE Packages

Buy BASE reception baseline assessment

To purchase the BASE reception baseline assessment, you need to create a School Admin Account on CEM Secure. Only one School Admin Account can exist per school.

You can create an Individual Account on CEM Secure, which can be linked to a School Admin Account to allow access to feedback or reporting at a later stage. You cannot purchase or access the assessment through the Individual Account.


BASE Packages

Features   BASEline BASE
Inspection Ready
Assessment Baseline (start of year) assessment – Maths, Literacy and Communication
  Progress Measure (end of year) assessment – Maths, Literacy and Communication  
Personal, Social and Emotional Development (start and end of year)  
Reporting Table of Scores (inc. scaled score for DfE reporting)
Available for up to 5 pupils Question-Level Report
Pupil report
Class report
Parent Report
Individual Pupil Report
Interactive School Comparison Report
Interactive Inspection Ready Reporto
Support Online, Email and Telephone Support (08.30 – 17.00 UK Time)
o Based on the 3-stage EYFS Framework in England, and the 5-stage CEM scale.


For more information on BASE packages and pricing please see our Prices and subscriptions page.