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Children taught well in reception ‘likely to earn more than peers’ in future

It has long been accepted that children’s early experiences can have the biggest impact on their...

How much progress do children make in literacy in the first year of school?

Early Years teachers help lay the foundation for education and discovery.

They play a pivotal role...

Why is numeracy in the early years so important?

We know that a good start in the early years matters.

Each year a child spends in an early years...

What do four-year-olds know?

By Mark Frazer, Teaching and Learning Lead, CEM

Children starting Reception class in schools in...

What makes a good early years assessment?

By Dr Pat Preedy

In the 1990s, I was invited to be part of the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring...

4 Signs of an effective Early Years Classroom

"Effective early years is the game changer."

– Lydia Cuddy Gibbs, Head of Early Years, Ark

Why the...

Let’s give teachers the information they need to improve children’s academic outcomes

Since the early 1990s CEM has offered a baseline assessment for primary schools.

We know it is...

Pupils taught well in Reception Class do better in their GCSEs

By Professor Christine Merrell

New research from academics at CEM and Durham University shows that...

Using CEM Base to support teachers

At last, September has arrived and the start of a new school year. As the Early Years Lead across...