Reporting and Feedback

Much more than just a Reception Baseline Assessment

With the BASE Progress and BASE Inspection Ready packages, you can get the most out of your reception baseline assessment:

  • Gain reliable insight into each child’s stage of development
  • Measure progress over the reception year at a pupil, class and school-year level
  • Interpret your pupil and school data, viewing progress in context against national norms*
  • Easily document and present key information for parents and school inspectors

Reports available with BASE Progress and Inspection Ready:

The following reports are generated in pdf format.

Pupil Report

Discover what each child knows and can do in comparison with national averages.*

Understanding the Pupil Report

Pupil Report Example

Class Report

View the data for a class, for each section of the reception baseline assessment, in context alongside national norms.*

Understanding the Class Report


Parent Report

Offer concise and insightful information to parents.

Understanding your child's report - a guide for Parents


Reports available with BASE Inspection Ready:

The following reports are available with BASE Inspection Ready, and enable you to filter your reception baseline assessment information by key interest groups such as children with English as an Additional Language.

For interactive functionality, access reports on CEM Secure. You can generate static pdf versions of the reports to print out as required.

Inspection Ready Report

View data for the start and end of year assessments for your whole cohort, or by group using ‘My School Filters’. See percentage of pupils at development stages (either on the 5 stage CEM scale or the 3 stage scale based on the Early Years Foundation Stage levels) in the STAGES view, or average progress made over the reception year in the ATTAINMENT view.

Understanding and using the Inspection Ready Report

School Comparison Report

Benchmark your school performance against national averages*, as well as a school with similar characteristics to your own. Customise the characteristics as appropriate for your school.

Understanding and using the School Comparison Report

Standard Reports:

The following are available with all packages of the BASE reception baseline assessment (BASEline, BASE Progress and BASE Inspection Ready).

  • Table of Scores - offering standardised scores for each pupil, in a pdf, csv or SIMS format
  • Item-level Feedback - available to export, showing correct and incorrect assessment responses

Guide to Generating your Reports for your reception baseline assessment

Download guide to generating BASE reports

*National average = nationally representative sample, England.