AfE Primary 1 - PIPS P1

The PIPS P1 assessment is designed to give valuable one-to-one time between practitioner and child.

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Quick Look

Age: 4-5 years

Assessment: Baseline, Digital (web based or download), Adaptive

Sections: Literacy, Numeracy, Communication & Language, PSED

Avg Duration: 20-25 minutes

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What is the PIPS P1 assessment?

CEM’s ‘Assessment for Excellence’ (AfE) P1 baseline assessment – PIPS P1 – is designed for schools in Scotland and combines teacher observation with a computer-adaptive assessment to identify a child’s individual developmental levels when they enter P1, and to track their progress through their first year of school, providing valuable information for their transition into P2.

What does PIPS P1 assess?

The PIPS P1 assessment covers the following specific areas of learning and development:

  • Literacy
    handwriting, vocabulary acquisition, understanding reading fundamentals, phonological awareness, letter, word and pattern recognition, and comprehension
  • Numeracy
    ideas about maths, quantity and spatial position, identifying numbers, counting, identifying shapes, problem solving, and simple arithmetic
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    Independence, self-confidence and self-awareness, concentration, managing feelings and behaviour, and making relationships
  • Communication and Language

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More than just a test



Adaptive and flexible approach designed to give children valuable one-to-one time with their teacher. No teacher marking or data inputting required.



Quickly identify pupils’ abilities and learning needs. Discover hidden strengths. Compare performance in the national context with standardised scores.



Use the feedback reports to plan activities and support and align resources to particular needs right from the start.



Support ongoing classroom observations with reliable data insights. Monitor student and cohort progress. Target resources effectively.



Monitor the progress of each child and cohort with an end of year follow-up assessment. Benchmark your school performance against averages and a comparison. Understand trends in cohorts over time.



Access support and guidance from your personal secure site.

See the big picture

Did you know that you can implement PIPS P1 at a Scottish Education Authority level?

EAs can access PIPS P1 data to gain a broad overview of performance across their local schools, helping to monitor improvement over time and offer support where needed.

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