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Let’s give teachers the information they need to improve children’s academic outcomes

Since the early 1990s CEM has offered a baseline assessment for primary schools.

Pupils taught well in Reception Class do better in their GCSEs

By Professor Christine Merrell

New research from academics at CEM and Durham University shows...

How can evidence help schools spend money wisely?

By Kate Bailey, Director of Policy, CEM

The Queen’s speech after this year’s general election...

7 questions you need to ask about assessment

To a busy teacher, producing good assessments can be a time consuming and daunting...

Working together to get the best from technology in schools

By Robert Cooper, IT Manager

If you work in a school, you’ll probably be just about into the...

Practical science in schools

By Kirsty Younger

The Practical Work in Science study is nearing the end of its final year of...

6 elements of great teaching

"You’re a teacher. You know how to help people learn hard stuff. Do that."

Professor Rob Coe

6 Tactics to help a child work on set tasks

Children who are inattentive, hyperactive or impulsive are likely to benefit from an...

Inattentive behaviour in the classroom

By Professor Christine Merrell