What will happen after I register?


Credit Check

Once we’ve got your subscription form, we’ll work on getting you set up. Our set up checks often include completing a credit check. This usually happens within 2 working days. There are times when it can take longer, but we’ll keep in touch with you if there is any delay.


Welcome Email

We’ll send you a welcome email with your login details and instructions on how to use them (you might have different login details for different products), as well as some other information you might find useful.  The welcome email will go to the person you have detailed as co-ordinator.


Carry Out The Assessment

Our assessment is available year round, so you can take the assessment at a time that suits you. You will need to consider when the window for your current contract ends, and the next window opens. Our assessment windows vary depending on the product. As a guide, our primary assessments generally run August-July and our Secondary assessments June-May. You can find full details on our subscriptions page.



You can expect to receive ongoing communications and support from us, and we’re always happy to help you. Email us at cem@cambridge.org or call us +44 (0) 1223 790122.



We’ll send you an invoice towards the end of our first major testing period (usually in October). If you join us after October for that assessment year (i.e. you plan to test by June/August depending on your product), you’ll usually receive your first invoice within 30 days of subscribing. Our subscriptions roll over on 1 May, and we’ll be back in touch ahead of then to remind you of your renewal. You’ll need to let us know before 1 May if you want to cancel or make changes, otherwise we’ll use your previous years numbers (with the ability to reduce by 20%).