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What affects students’ wellbeing in school? From parents to personality to progress

By Dr Irenka Suto, Assistant Director of Assessment

The pandemic has increased global awareness of wellbeing, and of the need for both teachers and students to understand more about it.

Predictions, aspirations, expectations and outcomes

Have schools got the ‘perfect’ system where every student achieves the grade they want? Unlikely....

Research on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on schools

By Filio Constantinou & Matthew Carroll, Research Division, Cambridge University Press & Assessment

Wellbeing in schools - Creating a culture of care

By Dr Irenka Suto, Assistant Director of Assessment

Understanding wellbeing within a ‘whole child’...

What do four-year-olds know?

By Mark Frazer, Teaching and Learning Lead, CEM

Children starting Reception class in schools in...

Reassessing your school assessment model

By Nicki Devon, Deputy Head Academic, Eltham College Junior School, UK

Every Assessment Lead wants...

What makes effective assessment?

By Suzanne Crocker, Assessment Standards Manager

Information on pupil progress is key to teaching...

Responsive Teaching

By Zoe Enser

Effective teaching is response to need. No two pupils always hold exactly the same...

5 top tips for sailing through assessments with confidence

By Mark Frazer, Teaching and Learning Lead, CEM

In the early days of my teaching career, I worked...

Adapting formative assessment to support second-language learners

By David Richards, Senior Leader, Vinschool Central Park, Vietnam

In international schools,...